American Express Travel

American Express Travel Agency

As an American Express Travel agency, Creative Travel International is uniquely positioned to professionally handle any and all travel arrangements throughout the world.

Our “best-in class” travel agency staff (most over 25 years of experience in the travel industry) can easily handle all travel from honeymoons to business trips, from complicated itineraries to corporate travel, from nearby destinations to remote areas of the world and everything in between. American Express Travel offers a trusted and recognizable travel brand unexcelled by any other travel company.

24-Hour Emergency Service


for unavoidable and infrequent travel





Quality Control


We monitor all calls to assure quality control

and hold your personal information to the strictest

level of privacy.

Use Membership Rewards® points to book your next trip  →

Use points to travel where you want, when you want.

American Express


“Pay With Points” Benefit


Only an American Express Travel agency like Creative Travel International can offer our travelers the ability to PAY WITH POINTS (PWP) when you book vacation packages, flights, hotels or cruises with us. You can PAY for ALL or PART of your trip using your AMERICAN EXPRESS MEMBERSHIP REWARDS® points. You can also pay with points to upgrade your travel arrangements.


Complete Service

Having American Express Travel as our backbone allows all our travelers the peace of mind of making their arrangements with a multibillion dollar company that will still be there long after their trip has been joyously completed.

We also offer travel insurance, visa and passport services for transactions originated through our American Express office. Our travelers are offered the lowest available air, hotel and tour rates, as well as, any special point-of-purchase rates that might be offered by our partners in travel.


Any Time, Any Place, Any Way

From Hawaii to Africa; from Europe to the Middle East; North and South America; to the Caribbean and beyond; Creative Travel International, your American Express Travel agency, handles it all!

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